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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the earliest I can Pick up my order? 
For most items, the earliest we can have it ready by is 11:00AM. There are few exceptions, depending on the items you want in your order. Our team members will do their best to work with you. 

When is the earliest I can have my order delivered? 
Most Orders can be delivered as early as 11:30am

Are there any delivery fees? 
We require $45 fee for orders under $1K. 

How far in advance do I need to place my order? 
12-48 Hours depending on group size. 

How & When do I pay? 
Once we draft your catering order, our team members will email/text you a link to make payment online.  Payment is expected no later than 12 hours prior to delivery time. 

Things happen, so please let us know as soon as they do. We do not charge a fee as long as you cancel within 3 hours of your order time. 

Can I add items from your regular menu?
Yes, our catering specialist can mix parts from our regular menu and catering menu into your order.  

Is Rice Included? 
For trays labeled "Rice", rice will be included. If there is no mention of rice, the item unfortunately does not include rice.  

Is Sauce included with protein trays and wraps? 
Yes, all wraps and protein options include Hot Sauce + Garlic or/And Tahini Sauce

Do we provide Full Service/Setup?
At the moment, we do not offer full service catering. We partnered with a local delivery company to deliver your order directly and on time, however, thats where our job ends. In the future we plan to offer on-site full service catering. 

Do you offer private events at your space? 
We currently do not have the capacity to host private events, however, we plan to do so once we open our Redwood City Location!