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Welcome to Mazra, our cozy Mediterranean hangout right here in the Bay Area. We're the Makableh brothers, Jordan and Saif, and we've brought a piece of our heart from Amman, Jordan, to share with you.

This whole adventure is a family affair, deeply rooted in our love and respect for where we come from. We're here to dish out some vibrant Levantine flavors and wrap you up in the warm, welcoming vibes of Mediterranean hospitality.

Our culinary journey kicked off in 2012 when Saif dove headfirst into the world of food, fueled by a passion that's been simmering in our family for generations. Thanks to the secret recipes and tricks from our mom, grandmas, and dad, and a significant stint in Sydney, Australia (Little Beirut), Saif's self-taught skills took on a life of their own. Armed with this rich heritage and a personal twist, he came back to the Bay Area, ready to spice things up with an authentic Levantine dining experience.

When Jordan jumped on board, we pitched this crazy idea to our dad, who had been running the beloved Green Valley Market since 2005. Rather than saying goodbye to the market, we envisioned transforming it into a vibrant Mediterranean restaurant that would celebrate the diverse flavors and techniques of the Levant. Dad gave us his blessing, and just like that, Mazra was born. 

Mazra, meaning "farm" in Arabic, embodies our vision of a place where the freshness and bounty of the land are celebrated, mirroring the rich agricultural heritage of the Levant region.

Our passion for our cultural heritage shines through everything we do. Mazra is our little corner where life slows down & the food speaks of journeys. 

We, Saif, Jordan, and our entire family, are committed to giving you an unforgettable experience, blending exceptional food, warm hospitality, and a dash of Levantine magic to make your visit memorable.

"Where borders dissolve, wood turns to ember and the taste of the Levant comes alive"

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